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Company: Surveying & Planning WA Pty Ltd
ABN: 56 891 552 259
Previously traded as :-
Statewest Surveying & Planning
Hunt & Rogers Pty Ltd
Operating for over 37 years with a vast knowledge and expertise in all stages of development

About Us


STATEWEST originally commenced trading as Hunt & Rogers Pty Ltd over 35 years ago. The founders being Brian Hunt & Ron Rogers, are both Licensed Surveyors.

In 1993 due to expansion and change, Brian and Ron decided to change their trading name to STATEWEST SURVEYS. By 1996 there was an increase and demand for Town Planning requirements so we changed our trading name to Statewest Surveying and Planning as to reflect our two major areas – Surveying (Ron Rogers) & Town Planning (Brian Hunt).  In 1997 we employed another planner as a consultant. Simon O’Hara (formerly from Local Govt).

In Sept 2006 Brian Hunt decided to retire and and dissolve his partnership with Ron Rogers. Ron was to continue as Director and Principal and as to continue the planning part of the company it was decided to offer Simon O’Hara a partnership. Nov 2006 the partnership was accepted but as a partnership of two entities, this being between the existing company –  Surveying & Planning (WA) Pty Ltd and Simon’s company -Sepoh Pty Ltd which would continue to trade as Statewest Surveying & Planning and retain all existing employees.

We then continued our contact with Brian as a consultant to maintain his existing clients and to help with detailed planning issues.

July 2010 Paul Incerti became a Director and shareholder in the company Surveying & Planning WA Pty Ltd being a partner with Ron Rogers.  We continued to expand our knowledge and services to include Project Management, Design & Drafting.

Oct 2011 Simon decided to dissolve his company partnership with Surveying & Planning (WA) Pty Ltd and operate as a sole trader as Statewest  Planning. This conflicted with the pre existing trading name, therefore we returned to trade as STATEWEST SURVEYS to allow the change. We remain in the existing offices, with Simon moving out to Suite 12, Midland House 69 Great Northern Highway, Midland.


STATEWEST SURVEYS has kept all employees and continued operating as usual with the best interest of all our previous and current clients.

Becoming specialised in the design ,drafting and surveying to the end  for all small to large Subdivisions Application and offering a cost effective result for our clients.

We continue to have Simon consult on planning issues for his expertise on difficult matters. Simon also uses our services for design drafting plans, surveys, and knowledge of particular jobs. We maintain a strong relationship and both benefiting from each others professional skills.

We always act with the best interest for our clients.


STATEWEST can now look to the future with some changes ahead and improvement in all areas including –

  • Continued Staff training and development
  • Broaden our communications and technical applications
  • Introduced mobile operations
  • Updating technical equipment
  • Expanding our expertise further in Design / Developments
  • Continue with our professional approach and dedication in all areas for our existing and future clients
  • Increase of professional staff/ consultants
  • Continue with our community spirit and support WA causes e.g Cancer Council, MSSWA, Jean for Genes, etc.