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Summary of the Subdivision / Amalgamation / Boundary Realignment / Survey Strata process


  • All subdivision and survey strata applications are lodged with the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC). The WAPC is the determining authority for subdivision applications.  The WAPC have a 90 day statutory time frame for determination.  Application fee applies (Fees are listed on the WAPC Web page)
  • The WAPC refers subdivision applications to appropriate authorities for 42 days consultation period and may include the local government and appropriate servicing authorities (Water Corporation and Western Power).  The authorities make recommendations to the WAPC on the application.

Conditional Approval

  • The WAPC compiles all the comments from relevant authorities and determines the subdivision application. If the subdivision is approved, the approval letter may list a number of conditions that the applicant must meet. After each condition, there will be an abbreviation in brackets detailing the clearance authority. For example, a condition which requires demolition of an existing residence may have “LG” in brackets after it. This means that the Local Government is responsible for checking compliance with that specified condition and issuing clearance of the condition when it has been fulfilled by the owner.
  • Once a subdivision has been approved by the WAPC, the approval is valid for three (3) years. Once approval is granted, the applicant is required to organise appropriate works to meet the conditions stipulated by the WAPC (such as connection to sewerage and water, connection to underground power, removal of outbuildings on proposed vacant lots, construct the driveway to the rear lot, etc).


  • The applicant engages a licensed surveyor to prepare a Plan or Diagram of Survey showing the proposed new lots with areas and dimensions. Once all conditions have been fulfilled, the surveyor will send two (2) copies of the Plan or Diagram of Survey with a letter requesting clearance of each condition relevant to that particular authority.  The Local Government will charge a fee for the clearance, usually in the order of cost per lot.  The other servicing authorities generally do not charge a fee for clearance, however Western Power will charge a re inspection fee if the conditions were not completely satisfied on initial request for clearance.
  • The applicant collects letters of clearance of condition(s) from affected authorities and forwards them to the WAPC.  A fee relevant to the number of lots involved will be incurred.

Final Endorsement

  • WAPC officers check Plan or Diagram of Survey with preliminary approval sketch to ensure all conditions have been fulfilled. If in order, the Plan or Diagram of Survey is submitted to Landgate for endorsement.  The clearances and Deposited Plan must be submitted to the WAPC and Landgate prior to the expiry date.
  • Plan or Diagram of Survey is endorsed by WAPC and returned to Landgate (formerly Department of Land Administration (DOLA).  A fee relevant to the number of lots involved will be incurred.
  • Office of Titles (Landgate) will then place the Plan or Diagram of Survey (Deposited Plan) in order “for dealings”.

New Titles

  • Once the Deposited Plan is in order for dealings the proponent can then register for new titles and/or transfers.  This is generally undertaken by the applicant’s settlement agent.  The application for new titles must be made within two years of the Deposited Plan becoming in order for dealings.
  • A new process called ‘Lot Sync’ has been brought into effect by Landgate at the beginning of the 2010 financial year.  The application for new titles can now be made by the settlement agent at the same time as the surveyor lodging with WAPC and Landgate for final endorsement.  Landgate will process the application for new titles in conjunction with the request for final endorsement, so that the new title may be available relatively soon after the Deposited Plan is in order for dealings.