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Company: Surveying & Planning WA Pty Ltd
ABN: 56 891 552 259
Previously traded as :-
Statewest Surveying & Planning
Hunt & Rogers Pty Ltd
Operating for over 37 years with a vast knowledge and expertise in all stages of development
Points for Optus tower Set Out
Fence Boundary Set Out
Set out of retaining walls

From Subdivisions to Surveys in WA

STATEWEST are able to manage all surveying requirements from beginning to end and ranging from all areas including North, South, East or West Australia and including all metropolitan and country regions.
STATEWEST always has a professional approach in all matters and maintains a practical and responsive result.
Our expertise can cover all aspects from project management, design, plan, drafting, surveying to completion.
Depending on your particular job will depend on what consultants will be required. We are always prepared to recommend and take certain strategies to achieve a good result.
STATEWEST has the knowledge and experience for all aspects in this area and always offer our clients a cost effective outcome.

Some of the Services we provide are:-

  • Project Management from small to large jobs
  • Development Application
  • Subdivision Application
  • Subdivision Design and layout
  • Liaise with Local & State Government Agencies, Authorities, Solicitors, Consultants and Settlement Agency on the customers behalf when necessary.
  • Residential, Commercial & Rural Subdivisions from small to large Lots
  • Strata Survey
  • Site, Feature or Contour Surveys (depend on clients needs)
  • Engineering Survey
  • Mining Survey
  • Boundary Re Establishment Survey
  • Volume Survey
  • Building Set Out
  • Fencing or driveway set out
  • Retaining wall requirements
  • Outline Development Plan
  • Urban Redevelopment
  • Amalgamations
  • Rezoning
  • Negotiation and Advocacy
  • Consultants required for particular conditions requested by Authorities ( eg. Valuer, Fire Management )