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Company: Surveying & Planning WA Pty Ltd
ABN: 56 891 552 259
Previously traded as :-
Statewest Surveying & Planning
Hunt & Rogers Pty Ltd
Operating for over 37 years with a vast knowledge and expertise in all stages of development

100 Lot Subdivision

BadenStStirling Shire Site Survey  Roof heightswongan hill road surveyGreat Northern Hwy Building Setout and Boundary SurveyAlbany Rural Subdivision  along King RiverAlbany SubdivisionAlbany SubdivisionAlbany Subdivision

Helena Valley Views Subdivision

Helena Valley Views Subdivision

Midland Project Management Pty Ltd
Helena Valley Road, Helena Valley
10 years from buying the land to completion of all stages
Design, Sales Plan, Subdivision Managment , Surveying and preparation lodgements etc